• What do you think of a pager operator quotes page?

    I only ask because I don't want to make one then have it immediately taken off.

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    • That sounds like it has the potential to be an interesting page. Personally, I try to be pretty generous when deleting pages--I won't delete your page unless it is obviously not constructive or is completely redundant.

      That being said, I don't see anything wrong with a pager quotes page, as long as it's done right. We already have pager quotes on the respective character pages, so just make sure the page brings something new to the table, and try not to duplicate any information that already exists on another page. If you to include the pager quotes from another character page, transcluding the quotes would be better than copy-pasting all the text.

      Also, the new page should have some advantage over the current pages. I don't know what your vision is for the page, but I do always love to see people adding content to the wiki. By all means, start up a page for the pager quotes. I'd be happy to give some more feedback once I see how you set up the page.

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    • Can you put all the quotes for Bain? It had be left almost empty except some of the lines since I created several months ago. Hope that don't pressure you a lot.

      Here is the article:


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    • That's not quite what I mean. I mean quotes from the actual pager guy, like when he says "you drinking on the job again?" or "I give you a break and this is how you repay me?" or "Drop the pager again and I'm sounding the fucking alarm.". The pager guy/operator. I don't think I phrased my other comment right. 

      Off the top of my head I can think of categories like the first pager (fine with everything), the second (slightly agitated), the third (starts to warn), and the fourth (gets angry and seriously warns the crew). Other subheaders would be like him demanding the crew to pick up the pager before it expires. 

      Making actual content for this page wouldn't be a problem at all. I searched YouTube a second ago and have a video that is 9 minutes and 17 seconds in length for the pager guy's two second lines. That would take me about forty-five minutes to do if I'm slow. It has been uploaded by the same guy who does all of the crew member quotes and pager responses, so I'm sure it will be throrough and accurate.

      The only problems that I can see with this page are that it might be hard to differentiate between the different contexts of the pager responses. I'll try as best as I can not to devolve it into one big general category. The other problem is probably my computer, which, as I've mentioned before, cannot create new pages. All I need is a page creation and then I'll handle the rest. 

      But one page for all pager responses actually sounds pretty good. And other things that I want to do are the missing "Jacket/Quotes" and "John Wick/Quotes" which no one has ever created for some reason. I want to get around to all quotes pages and fill them in with new lines, but I'm not afraid to grind out the new voice lines. I have messaged someone else about this, but you seem a lot more active and reliable.

      I'll be pretty busy tomorrow so best I can do is get it down about seventeen hours from now (compensating for time differences).

      And I could probably get around to doing that, Stoudemire.

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    • That sounds great! I wasn't sure if there were enough unique pager operator quotes to warrant it having its own page, but I'd forgotten that there are different responses for 1, 2, 3, and 4 pagers, so there ought to be plenty content.

      Take your time; I'm excited to see how the page looks when it's ready. I'd also greatly appreciate it if you have the chance to get around to the Jacket and John Wick quotes (they are actually my mains), but as I said, there's no hurry. Thanks for taking the initiative. I'll be sure to check out the page once it's ready.

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    • No worries, thanks for making the pages. I'll get right on the Jacket and John Wick quotes in about seven hours. I could do a bit now, but I'd rather get it all then double up on quotes.

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