• I'm not sure if your aware of this, but there's a new Pager Guy. If you don't believe me, go to 9:25 of this: He's only heard in Scarface Mansion (at least for now). So can somebody please upload all his quotes to YouTube? That would be great, because I heard ALL the newest characters' quotes (Sangres, Medic, Captain Winters, Russian Mercenaries, etc) except this character (the Scarface Mansion Pager Guy).

    I'm unable to use the DLC weapons and play DLC heists, yet it says Payday 2 Ultimate edition is already in my Steam Library. I downloaded a Free Copy of Payday 2 during the limited time event where OVK released 5000000 free copies to players. This is where things got really weird on why I can't use DLC.

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