• Hey Hassat,

    I was just wondering if we should include the upcoming RAID: WWII on this wiki or not, since it is also co-developed by Overkill, uses the exact same engine, is PAYDAY in all but name and plays roughly identically if the devstreams are any indication. The PAYDAY team also heavily advertises it on the PD2 newsfeed, don't you know.

    In a way it is sort of like how the Fatal Frame and Clock Tower wiki do it, where every game from the same creator is included regardless of continuity, though not the case if they are also part of a larger series (e.g. Overkill's The Walking Dead, whenever it comes out anyway). In RAID's case it could be slotted under "Spin-offs" since it is not confirmed to be related to the PAYDAY canon, though knowing Lion Game Lion and Overkill I think they'll connect both games retroactively later on.

    Just an idea though.

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    • i wanted to propose expanding the wiki to include john wick chronicles and overkill's other games a while back but it didn't really seem to make sense at the time

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    • RAID has more in common with PAYDAY than Wick, though. For all intents and purposes it is just PAYDAY 2 reskinned and modded somewhat.

      Even the main cast are explicitly described as bank robbers, for crying out loud.

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    • Fine by me, though I likely wont be playing it for a while since I doubt they'll just grant me a copy¬†:(

      No to all Starbreeze games though, unless you also want Antisphere, or as said John Wick Chronicles, Dead by Daylight etc. etc.

      Raid makes sense though, although if it's here on this wiki it'll have the PAYDAY crew background, I doubt we can change that per title?

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    • I suppose a more "generic" background could work. Not necessarily too generic to the point of being irrelevant, but one that doesn't focus as much on the Payday gang so that it doesn't look out of place on RAID articles.

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