• Hey Hassat,

    About five minutes ago I came up with this little idea of creating a fresh page to list the skins by safes instead of cluttering up the Safes article. I've gone and created a template that we could use to produce examples like this little page here. That way we can just drop a link to the list on the main article and the readers can head over to the subpage to browse. It also has the added benefit of not messing up the navigation, since Wikia now treats tabs as separate headers, and looking up skin trivia on the old page was a headache as the browser keeps defaulting to the page Trivia sections.

    Lemme know what you think.

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    • That trivia BS is kinda a bother on every single page though. Wish we could disable that. So much Trivia-issues¬†:(

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    • Should be able to solve most of the tab issues along with freeing up article real estate with my new template though.¬†

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    • Or, alternatively, we could swap the entire Skins/Trivia subtabs with my new template and be done with it. Sure, the page would still look ultra-long in source mode, but at least most of the bulk would not interfere with article navigation since they don't have generic tab names anymore.

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