Trainwreck Trainwreck icon
Raid Info
Mission days 1
Loud / Stealth ✔ / ✘
Loot Gold
Experience 1000 (Easy)
2000 (Normal)
4000 (Hard)
? (Very Hard)
Internal name
Achievement(s) Walk It Off Rush Minute Bridge that gap Bring them home - Trainwreck

Trainwreck is a mission in RAID: World War II, added to the game with the first Beta update. It involves derailing a train and stealing the gold on it. It's the only heist in the beta that cannot be completed in stealth.


  1. Reach the top of the bridge
  2. Find and collect the dynamite
  3. Use the maintenance ladders to access the arches and find a weak spot
  4. Plant dynamite on the weakened arch (5)
  5. Detonate the dynamite
  6. Wait for the train to arrive
  7. Search the wagons and take the gold (3)
  8. Call the boat driver
  9. Move the gold to shore and wait for the boat
  10. Load the gold into the boat (3)
  11. Escape with the boat




  • Split up to complete objectives faster. One player staying at the bridge to detonate the explosives or call the driver can save a lot of time.
  • The quickest method to move the gold is, like PAYDAY 2 to make a human cordon. Also throwing the bags of the bridge can save a lot of time.


  • The crate the dynamite is stashed in and the train cars the gold is loaded in is random.
  • A burning explosive barrel may roll out of a train car when opened.

Difficulty ChangesEdit


Walk It Off Walk It Off
Secure all gold on the boat without throwing it from the bridge on the Trainwreck RAID.
Rush Minute Rush Minute
Find the dynamite within 60 seconds of exiting the boat on the Trainwreck RAID.
Bridge that gap Bridge that gap
Complete the Trainwreck RAID on VERY HARD difficulty.
Bring them home - Trainwreck Bring them home - Trainwreck
Collect 100% of the dog tags on the Trainwreck RAID.


  • Trainwreck was the level shown at the E3 2017, making it the first and only playable heist before the beta.
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