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Trigger Happy
Fugitive: Gunslinger Tier 4
Basic (4 pt): For every hit with a pistol you gain 120% damage boost that lasts for 2 seconds. Stacks up to 1 times(sic).
Ace (8 pt): Increases the damage boost duration to 4 seconds.


Trigger Happy begins its duration on a successful hit. Hitting more enemies during this time will not increase or refresh the duration, meaning that the entire bonus is lost 2/4 (Basic/Aced) seconds after the first hit is landed.

This skill can also be triggered by Akimbo Pistols.


As the damage boost is percentage-based, the greatest damage boost is attained when used with high-damage pistols such as the Deagle, Peacemaker .45 and Bronco .44.

Using a high-fire rate weapon such as the Bernetti Auto will generally make the most out of this skill - a high fire rate will consistently trigger the skill and will land a lot of shots during the skills duration, which can be devastating toward high health enemies such as Bulldozers or even turrets.

It should be noted that the weapon builds which provide such extreme damage often do so at the cost of accuracy and stability. Players may find it easier to strike a balance of damage and accuracy/stability in order to make building the damage boost easier. At medium range, players may be better off using weaker but more accurate pistols such as the Bernetti 9 or Gruber Kurz to ensure a more consistent damage output, especially with their huge ammo reserves.


  • This skill's name does not seem accurate compared to its damage-increasing effects, as a trigger-happy individual is someone with an incredibly itchy trigger finger, often shooting irresponsibly (and wildly) before clearly identifying the target.
    • Granted, due to the nature of the skill, multiple repeated shots must be made in a short window of time to keep the effects constant, thus requiring the player to be more "trigger happy" if they were to benefit from it.
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