This article is about the PAYDAY: The Heist equipment. For the deployable of the same name in PAYDAY 2, see Trip mine (Payday 2).
Trip mine
Trip mine upgrade
Unlocked By Sharpshooter 4
Type Laser Trip Mine
Equipment Slot Deployable
Capacity 2 (3/4/5/6/7/10) mines
Damage 100 (160)
Detonation Delay 0.3 seconds
Explosion Radius 3m

The trip mine is a Semtex explosive device that can be planted on various surfaces, and is unlocked as part of the Sharpshooter tree.


A trip mine is triggered when an enemy crosses its laser, if the mine itself is struck by gunfire or caught in the blast radius of another live mine (potentially causing a wasteful chain reaction). The explosion of a trip mine causes damage to the player who planted it, if they are close enough.

A trip mine attached to a destructible surface will explode as soon as the surface is destroyed. The laser turns on automatically when the trip mine is deployed, but can be toggled on and off by nearby players. When fully upgraded, the explosion will kill any enemy that is within a few feet, including the Bulldozer. For this reason, the trip mine is often used to combat special enemies in close quarters.

Trip mines can be very useful in killing Bulldozers, since these units are slightly taller than the average AI and player. One can place the trip mine just above their head in a corridor or narrow hallway, making it so none of the passing enemies will trigger it until a Bulldozer does.

The player, allies, and escort NPCs (like Matt in Heat Street) cannot trigger trip mines, but civilians can.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Sharpshooter level
Damage increase I 6
Amount increase I (3 mines) 14
Amount increase II (4 mines) 22
Amount increase III (5 mines) 29
Damage increase II 32
Amount increase IV (6 mines) 36
Amount increase V (7 mines) 42
Amount increase VI (10 mines) 47


Bomb man Bomb man
In DIAMOND HEIST, defeat all twelve Patrol Guards using only trip mines. To complete this challenge, you will have to have played the heist from the start.