Unseen Strike

Unseen Strike
Ghost: Silent Killer Tier 4
Basic (4 pt): If you do not lose any armor or health for 4 seconds, you gain 35% critical hit chance for 6 seconds.
Ace (8 pt): The critical hit chance duration is increased to 18 seconds.


If the player does not take damage for four seconds, they will gain a 35% critical hit chance for 6 seconds (18 if aced). If the critical hit chance duration expires and the player has taken no damage during this time, it will not reset the duration, meaning that a player must take damage again and go four seconds without losing armor or health in order to receive the critical hit chance bonus again.


While armor players are also able to use the skill, Unseen Strike is more effective for Dodge-oriented players. Assuming players can manage not taking damage for the skill to take effect, it can boost damage and allow for the potential to kill special units quickly. Unseen Strike is more beneficial for those who take cover. Otherwise, a Concussion Grenade can be thrown to ensure enemies will not be able to inflict damage.

When stacked with the full effects of Low Blow, the total critical hit chance becomes an impressive 65%.


  • It is possible gain the effects of Unseen Strike on a build without it.
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