My old PC with the game and extracted image files on it broke last November and I haven't managed to recover the data from the HDD yet. Too lazy to reinstall PD2 on this new machine and setup uMod to extract things from scratch, but will get around to it some day, SoonTM.

Wikia admin and amateur gunsmith.

Wikia Rules of Engagements

  • Unless trusted (very rarely so), treat all anonymous edits without a proper reason as suspicious and investigate immediately.
  • Cite references if possible.
  • Double check everything! - Information gathered in-game is to be considered over word of mouth.
    • The PC version is generally considered the most reliable data-wise.
  • If it's properly written, it stays! - If it's not, it must be fixed!
  • Copy everything from source view in case someone decides to conflict with your edit and trashes your efforts.


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  • Crowbar (Coming soon)
  • Ice-pick (Coming soon)
  • Sharpshooter Knife (Coming soon)

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