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  • I live in United States, TX
  • I was born on February 20
  • I am Male

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About MeEdit

Male, Latin American, living in the United States, Texas. My goal for investing time on the Fandom Community is to contribute in the organization of documentation and information, while also seeking to add additional information if its possible.

You and the Fandom CommunityEdit

I find it easier and more preferable to simply organize a page than to add information, because to be a good contributor in a Fandom's game, you have to know a significant portion of the lore, game logic/rules, and so on. To be a good editor in a Fandom's game, however, formatting is global.

In almost every occasion, top Fandom pages have a well established website that can survive on their own thanks to well dedicated veteran editors, such as the Overwatch, Marvel Database, Team Fortress 2, and many others to ever think listing.

Not all Fandoms have that privilege, so I'll try to simply go around in small Fandoms to fix simple things, and then move to another, although for my favorite games, such as PAYDAY, i'll stay with them and continue to develop personal medium-large projects.

I am no one to claim "Oh I go around wikis doing miracles", if my previous sentence sounded too narcissistic; I am not. In fact, I'm far from being an experienced/top editor, and it's not a tremendous collaboration I provide to random wikis, but every little helps.

AppData's Cheat SheetEdit

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different guides online on what can be used to organize Wikis online both on Wikipedia, MediaWiki, and Fandom. That's both amazing and a problem.

While I like having all this information available, I don't like having to go around from website to website looking for information.

With that explained, this is the reason as for why I've decided to simply gather as much information as I can find useful and gather them in my profile as a cheat sheet, instead of using the profile primarily as decoration.

Although I created this for my own benefit, I understand other users might make use of it as well, hence why I decided to place so in my public lobby, instead of somewhere hidden in my Sandbox, or a text file.

Websites, sub-templates, and others are listed below to make it easier for me to progress on development of editing by simply clicking in my profile and having the information at my disposal, instead of having to cruise through the web every single time I need something.


"Check your work before you save, using Preview - without filling up the page history by making lots of smaller edits."
Wikipedia TotD, May 26
"For full dates, write 10 June 1921 or June 10, 1921, consistently throughout an article"
Wikipedia Styletip 29
"Avoid numerical date formats such as "03/04/2005" (this could refer to 3 April or March 4—who knows?)"
Wikipedia Styletip 31
"When citing material in an article, it is better to cite a couple of great sources than a stack of decent or sub-par ones."
Wikipedia:Citation Overkill

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