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Snake's profile image in the FBI Files.

Snake's sketch in the FBI Files.

Career information
Role Cloaker
Affiliation(s) The Payday Gang
Signature weapons
Ranged SOCOM
Akimbo SOCOM
Melee Stun Knife
Grenade Chaff Grenade
Biographical information
Also known as David
Nationality Flag of Canada Canadian
Language(s) English
Age 46
Physical description
Hair color Grey-Black
Build Athletic
Appearance(s) PAYDAY 2
Portrayed by David Hayter
Voiced by David Hayter
Quotes Quotation page
Room [[Safe House#{{{room}}}|{{{room}}}]]
Internal name plissken
FBI Description
We's just received words from our international espionage divisions that the Payday Gang have been in talks with someone from across the Canadian border regarding the capture of Bain by Murkywater. From what our CSIS contacts have managed to dig up on this individual, he's former black ops and used to tangle with some very questionable people, with rumors of mechanized militants and nanomachines being involved. He's noted to be an expert in CQC and an adept in covert infiltration, as well, which might spell trouble for our men in the field.


(TBA - yadayadayada if you've played MGS you'll know what I'll be putting here)



Perk Deck

(TBA - essentially Canadian Cloaker)


  • The character design of Snake as a whole is a reference to Solid Snake of the Metal Gear franchise, right down to his iconic voice actor. His appearance, however, was inspired more by Big Boss' redesign seen in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes than Solid Snake's actual characteristics, most notably his lack of a functional right eye.
    • Snake's internal asset name refers to the character Snake Plissken from the 1981 film Escape from New York, whom Solid Snake was based after.
    • Despite the absence of Snake's right eye, he is still able to aim with his weapons normally.
  • Unlike John Wick, Jimmy, Jacket and Scarface, Snake is NOT the same character as his namesake, however much of the details regarding his backstory and profile were indeed inspired by Solid Snake.
    • When Snake goes down and is taken into Police Custody, whomever is directing the mission will yell out his name in the same manner as the game over scenes from the Metal Gear Solid titles.
  • Snake does not wear a suit jacket like most of the other male members of the Payday Gang, opting to go with a simple waistcoat and tactical harness instead.
  • Snake is a heavy smoker like Dallas, though he prefers cigars instead.
  • Snake has a preference for classical music, as upgrading his room in the Safe House adds a shelf full of vinyl records and a gramophone. Upgrading his room to Tier 3 makes the gramophone usable and will play one of several tracks when interacted with. The default track on the gramophone is Air on the G String by Johann Bach.
    • Snake possesses an iPod Classic, which can be seen in a custom holster on the back of his belt.
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