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    in a blog post for now since "puzzle website that teases upcoming heist and unlocks a future thing" is a weird area, feel free to edit

    hints & answers are hidden in case someone reading wants to give the puzzles a go themselves (though if the key becomes unobtainable through the website/obtainable through other means then the censors are gone)

    On June 16, the Twitter account for Locke's voice actor tweeted a link to a website featuring a desktop similar in design to the FBI Files, with an open application named "Locke-Breacher".

    This application had a loading bar that completed on June 18, 13:00:00 GMT, starting a foray into a Murkywater satellite network and then a federal network, teasing an upcoming heist.

    The desktop has multiple applicati…

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  • GameZone1

    Rations Bank

    May 11, 2017 by GameZone1

    Rations Bank is a custom heist contracted by Victor, released with the Global Offensive Pack. It involves heisting a bank in Miami, Florida.

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  • GameZone1


    September 22, 2016 by GameZone1
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  • GameZone1

    Art Statement

    September 22, 2016 by GameZone1
    (all paintings burned)
    (per painting burned)
    (per money bag secured)

    |exp2 = (escape)
    (all 3 passwords found)
    (hack finished, can be triggered 3 times)
    (mansion destroyed, can be triggered 3 times)
    (per lootbag secured) |achievement = }}

    The Art Statement heist is a two-day loud-only heist contracted by Victor. It involves storming an art gallery to destroy its display of modernist paintings and obtain the addresses of the painters, then heisting and destroying the artists' mansionettes.

    1. Bag paintings
    2. Gather paintings into a pile (0/8)
    3. Set the paintings on fire
    4. Open storage area crates (can be committed during previous objectives)
    5. Grab and scan the artists' barcodes (0/3) (can be committed during previous objectives)
    6. Burn more paintings a…

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  • GameZone1

    Custom Side Jobs

    August 19, 2016 by GameZone1

    "why don't we work on the stuff i've already made instead of making new stuff" "FUCK YOU THAT'S WHY"

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