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The website as it appears post-June 18, right when it finishes loading.

On June 16, the Twitter account for Locke's voice actor tweeted a link to a website featuring a desktop similar in design to the FBI Files, with an open application named "Locke-Breacher".

This application had a loading bar that completed on June 18, 13:00:00 GMT, starting a foray into a Murkywater satellite network and then a federal network, teasing an upcoming heist.

Desktop & Application


The desktop has multiple application icons that cannot be interacted with; clicking on any of them except for the main application will open a warning dialog citing "Insufficient System Resources". The main application can be closed and re-opened without losing progress, but cannot be moved. There can only be one instance of the application open at once.

The loading screen had a marquee reading the following:

Ultimate Server PWNING Software (c) 2019 - Coded by F0Sh0!_MKWR    |    Greetz 2 N|St33l3, Ba1N_M_Mind, RemmerZ!, S3B, Elly_eli    |    Keep the helmets flying, friends!

First Password


After loading in, the user is required to put in a password to proceed. Incorrect inputs will produce information that hint towards getting the right answer: "Progress", which indicates how close the input was to correct password, "Ambiguity", which indicates how many correct characters there are that are not in the correct order, and "Corruption", which indicates how many characters are in the wrong order and how many are missing. Additionally, if there are too few or too many characters it will also produce "Stack/Underflow" or "Stack/Overflow", respectively.

Satellite Interface


After entering the first password, the user has access to the Murkywater Satellite Interface. There are several topographical satellites that can be accessed with either their ID number or name (note that due to a bug, "Adam" cannot be accessed via its name, only its ID), and all require a puzzle to be solved to scan an area and fill a portion of the topography map accessible by pressing P, #, or clicking on "Show Progress" at the bottom of the application.

When the satellites are accessed, a string of binary will be displayed on the screen; these are relevant to solving the satellite's puzzle. Satellites "Sebastian", "Elisabeth", and "Tobias" require passwords to be deciphered, while "Adam" requires a grid puzzle to be solved, shown on the right. The passwords come with ciphers that can be determined with the binary.

The Adam puzzle requires binary numbers to be input either with the arrow keys and numbers on the keyboard, or by clicking on the squares (once for 1, again for 0).

Binary Decoded: The wandering caesar retraces his steps. For each step he takes, he is further away from where he once was. All roads may lead to Rome but as he walks back the way he came he travels the same roads over and over again.

Cipher: Trithemius cipher


Binary Decoded: It was a warm summer day as I sat on the cliff and cast my line in the sea. I wondered what my gift the sea may bestow upon me. As I felt the line pull I reeled in a gorgeous clupea harengus with the brightest carmine scales that I have ever seen.

Binary Decoded: When the simple is puzzling, one must think within the confines. Avoid all that is redundant, avoid all that is in excess. “All things are here both equal and unique. I have for many years used the simplest progression of all, which proceeds by twos, having found that it is useful for the perfection of the science of numbers.”

Hints: Every row and column contains 4 zeroes and 4 ones. The numbers in the grey squares cannot be changed. There cannot be more than 2 successive zeroes or ones in a row or column. Submitting an incorrect/incomplete input will indicate which rows and columns have incorrect/missing numbers.

Binary Decoded: "All things are subject to decay and change" but yet we look at history for answers. Clever men from many years ago may yet still withhold truths from us today. To find what you seek you must first seek out what you’ve found.

Cipher: Polybius square


Binary Decoded: There is much you need to learn from the ones that walked before you, Many years ago two wise men walked your path. A magician from Trittenheim led the way, An author from Brescia brought them home. Their work is now before you, and your key is behind them.

Cipher: Vigenère cipher

Password: fightingisonethingbutbadjokesiswhereidrawtheline

Heist Planner


After all satellites have been accessed and the topography map has been filled, the user is brought to the "Heist Planner" where they acquire information on the upcoming heist through the available subroutines. After the first three are completed, the last two will unlock, respectively being a link to an upcoming DLC on Steam and a Steam key for a future weapon color DLC named "Cryptographer's Color".

Schematics Analyser


Subroutine 01 has a 4x4 grid where the user has to put in numbers 1-4. The "Active Sectors" and "Active Grids" lists are updated automatically as the user inputs numbers, with "Error" indicating one or more numbers in certain squares are incorrect, while "Online" indicates correct numbers.

Secure Location Analyser


Subroutine 02 has a grid with numbers that can hidden or marked, with the top-right square being marked by default and cannot be unmarked. Submitting an incorrect/incomplete input will indicate which rows and columns are lacking correctly marked squares.

A hint for this puzzle is that the sum of all marked numbers in a row or column cannot be greater than 9.

Camera Feed Analyser


Subroutine 03 is a slightly modified hashiwokakero puzzle. Clicking on either two adjacent nodes or the space between them will create a single-line connection, doing this a second time will create a double-line connection, and a third time will delete the connection. While none of the nodes have numbers like in a usual hashi puzzle, nodes will turn from red to green when all correct connections to them have been established.



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