Contractor LinesEdit

Safe HouseEdit


  • [Singing] "Oh my friends, I'm just enjoying my day..."
  • "Oh, where is my... Where is my notebook? Where is my notebook?"
  • "If you guys knew what I know, oh man, you'd be so much smarter, you'd be so much successful...'"
  • [Mumbling in Ukrainian/Russian]
  • [Singing in Ukrainian/Russian]

Talking to a Specific HeisterEdit


  • "So, Nathan Steele... [laughter] [Speaking in Ukrainian/Russian] That's great, I like it!"


  • "You are dangerous man, Wolf! Woo, woo! Yeah! I meant that as a compliment!"


  • "I know you were a military man once... [chuckle] Didn't pay as well as heisting, did it? [chuckle]"


  • "It is beautiful that your brother recruited you, a family business! [whimpering] It brings tears to my eyes."

John WickEdit

  • "I bet I could take you in a shooting competition any day... But not today. [slurring words] I've had too much vodka!"


  • "Your friends... Broke you out of prison! That shows the importance of having good friends."


  • "Hey, can I borrow your tape recorder for a moment? No, no, don't worry. I was just kidding!"

Talking to any heisterEdit

  • "So, can you tell me who Bain really is? Come on! You must know something! Where is he? Does he have an office or something?"
  • "He-he-hey, [chuckles] you are running out of vodka, you know?"
  • "I am grateful to you for rescuing my brother-in-law... But I'm getting really tired of his screw-ups. One day... I will be fed up with this shit!"
  • "Where did you find this Aldstone guy, huh? He is amazing!"
  • "This is a great place! [laughter] You should throw more parties!"
  • "Ah my friends, you are the real talk of the town! You are a real ache in the cops's asses! [laughter] Yeah! [Speaking in Ukrainian/Russian]"
  • "You don't mind me hanging out here, do you? [long laughter] Of course not! [singing] We're friends... My friends!"
  • "I reeeeally like this place... I think I'll come and visit more often."
  • "My friend... money is what makes the world go around. And we will make money, together, ah-hah?"
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