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Career information
Role Demolitions Raidclass demolitions
Warcry Ignition Warcry demolitions
Affiliation(s) Wehrmacht (formerly)
Schutzstaffel (formerly)
Special Operations Executive
The Raid crew
Biographical information
Nationality Raid flag wolfgang Austrian
Language(s) English, German
Physical description
Hair color Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Appearance(s) RAID: World War II
Portrayed by N/A
Voiced by Ramon Tikaram
Quotes Quotation page
A model SS officer, until the jealousy of a rival turned the Party against him. New he seeks to destroy the regime he once pledged his life to.

Wolfgang is a money-loving Austrian and deserter of the Wehrmacht and one of the key founding members of the Raid crew.

Wolfgang's default class is Demolitions Raidclass demolitions.


Wolfgang was born into Austrian aristocracy, but not so far up he ever made money from it. Well, not enough, anyway. And that's what brought him to the Nazi party as an SS officer. Wolfgang is highly trained and highly decorated. A veteran of war. But money...that's his big weakness.

Customization optionsEdit


  • Wolfgang displays a very serious attitude during combat, and has a noted affinity for automatic weaponry, and thus is analogous to Chains of the Payday gang, who also has similar experiences as a military contractor.
  • Despite being Austrian, Wolfgang's nationality is listed as German in the game, and is represented by the flag of the Weimar Republic despite the state being dissolved no less than six years prior to the start of World War II.
  • Wolfgang also displays a sense of pride in German Engineering of vehicles and weaponry; with a regret of being related / similar to the Nazi "fascists". (As seen in his in-game voice lines)
  • Obviously has a love for explosives, similar to Kurgan. (Conformation Needed)
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