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Template:Stub Skills are a means of unlocking new equipment, abilities, or basic statistic improvements in PAYDAY 2. They are divided among five skill trees: Mastermind, Enforcer, Technician, Ghost, and Fugitive; often described as classes. Players are free to distribute skill points however they choose across the five skill trees.

The Skills system was overhauled in Update #100, with the five skill trees possessing three "subtrees" each, each with a different role. The content under the section "Pre-Update #100" contains information on the old skills system and is kept for reference.

技能是一種在PAYDAY 2 用於解鎖新的可使用裝備, 能力,或者加強基本素質的系統。遊戲中分別有五種技能樹:


Skill points编辑

One skill point is awarded each time the player gains a Reputation level, plus an additional 2 points at every level divisible by 10 (meaning that instead of just 1 skill point, 3 skill points will be granted at levels 10, 20, 30, 40 etc). Thus, once the player reaches the maximum Reputation level of 100, the player will have a total of 120 skill points.

Because the total skill points needed to unlock Basic and Ace for every skill in a single tree totals 132 points (145 on the consoles), it is impossible to Ace every skill in even a single tree (and furthermore, there are five separate trees in total). Because of this, it is advisable to only spend points on specific skills you truly need and want, and to spread skill points over multiple trees if necessary. Planning your build can be done with this skills, perks, and weapon calculator.

Skill tree structure编辑

Each skill tree has three subtrees, named after their intended role (for example, the Fugitive's Brawler subtree enhances melee combat capability). For each subtree, there are four tiers, the top three unlocked by spending a minimum total number of points in that subtree:

  • tier 2 is unlocked by spending 1 skill point,
  • tier 3 by spending 3 skill points,
  • tier 4 by spending 18.

Tier 4's point requirement can be reduced to 16 by investing an Infamy point in the appropriate tree.

All subtrees have one skill in tiers 1 and 4, and two skills in tiers 2 and 3. Tier 1 skills cost 1 skill point to unlock Basic and three skill points to Ace, tier 2 skills cost two skill points for Basic and four for Ace, tier 3 skills cost 3 for Basic and 6 for Ace, and tier 4 skills 4 for Basic and 6 for Ace.

Skills can be withdrawn and skill points returned simply by right-clicking on the skill. Aced skills are withdrawn separately from Basic skills; to fully remove a skill that has been Aced, one will have to right-click on the skill twice. Skills cannot be withdrawn if the skill points invested in them allow skills unlocked above them to be used. The higher-tier skills will have to be removed before the lower-tier skill can.

For each class, there are six tiers, unlocked by spending a minimum total number of points in that skill tree:

  • tier 1 is unlocked by spending 1 skill point,
  • tier 2 is unlocked by spending 5,
  • tier 3 by spending 10,
  • tier 4 by spending 20,
  • tier 5 by spending 30,
  • tier 6 by spending 40.

These numbers can be reduced to 1, 5, 9, 18, 27, and 36 points respectively by investing an Infamy point in the appropriate tree.

For each tier, there are three skills. Each skill, after the Basic is obtained, can be Aced for further benefit. Skills in tiers 1 to 3 cost one skill point to unlock Basic and three skill points to Ace, whereas skills in tiers 4 to 6 cost four skill points to unlock Basic and eight skill points to Ace.

Skill interactions编辑

Party bonuses do not stack with the identical bonus coming from other players in the party that have the identical skill (thus it is somewhat sub-optimal for multiple players to get the same party-benefit skills, if you always play with the same team of players). All other bonuses stack, unless stated otherwise, including bonuses from Basic and Aced versions of the skill.

Re-specifying skill trees编辑

You can remove and add skillpoints free of charge by using the left mouse button (for adding) or right mouse button (for removing). As long as a deletion isn't prohibited (points are required to unlock higher leveled skill, tier 1 base) you can remove skills at your leisure to change your tree(s).

You can drop all skills from a skill tree by choosing the "respec this skill tree" option from the bottom of the screen while that skill tree is selected. This will return all of the skill points to you as skill points that can be spent again anywhere, as well as returning half the cash you paid to unlock those skills. Clicking on the option will bring up a dialog box telling you how much money you'll get back and giving you the option to drop the skills or not; this can be used to see how much money you would get back without actually dropping the skill points.

Skill trees in which you don't have a lot invested (i.e., you've unlocked only a few lower-level skills) are relatively cheap to rebuild. This can be used in two ways:

  • At low levels you can take advantage of some skills that are useful early on but that you don't need later.
  • For example, cash is usually relatively scarce below level 60. If you're not planning on investing heavily in the Ghost tree, picking up Dead Presidents can quickly pay off both the skill purchase itself and the cost of a respec of the Ghost tree. If you have only taken Sprinter from the Ghost tree, you only need to collect $288k in instant cash to pay off a respec - this is only marginally more than one ATM on Overkill difficulty, which can be easily and quickly looted on Four Stores.
  • At higher levels, re-specifying can let you make temporary use of skill points that would otherwise be unused while you're saving skill points for a large unlock in another tree. Allocate these points to low-level skills in your least developed skill tree(s), and when you've leveled up enough you can cheaply re-specify these less-developed trees to free up the additional skill points you need for your large unlock.

Multi Skill Builds编辑

Players can unlock additional skill sets to use, allowing them to switch between multiple builds without having to re-spec skill points. This allows, for example, one to switch from a stealth build to a combat build in an instant. Skill sets can be selected and unlocked by pressing the S key.

Skill sets also have a perk deck selection associated, hence switching skill set will switch perk deck as well, although perk deck progress is universal across skill sets.

The skill set used is selected from the skill screen, meaning that it can be selected from the main menu or while in the lobby screen of a Crime.Net server. As using Crime.Net Offline bypasses the lobby screen, players cannot switch sets in light of the heists which appear. Similarly, it is not possible to change skill set between days of a multi-day heist.

The skill sets are unlocked as follows:

  1. The starting skill set, available from the outset.
  2. Available for unlock once you reach level 50.
  3. Available for purchase once you reach level 75, costs $1M of offshore money.
  4. Available for purchase once you reach level 100, costs $10M of offshore money.
  5. Available for purchase once you reach level 100, requires the Tabula Rasa achievement, and costs $20M of offshore money.

When resetting your level by going infamous, the skill sets unlocked remain unlocked and therefore can be used immediately afterwards.


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Medic 16px Combat Medic 16px Quick Fix
16px Painkillers
16px Uppers
16px Combat Doctor
16px Inspire
Controller 16px Forced Friendship 16px Confident
16px Joker
16px Stockholm Syndrome
16px Partners In Crime
16px Hostage Taker
Sharpshooter 16px Stable Shot Rifleman Rifleman
16px Marksman
16px High Value Target
16px Aggressive Reload
16px Ammo Efficiency
Shotgunner 16px Underdog 16px Shotgun CQB
16px Shotgun Impact
16px Far Away
16px Close By
16px Overkill
Tank 16px Resilience 16px Die Hard
16px Transporter
16px Shock And Awe
16px Bullseye
16px Iron Man
Ammo Specialist 16px Scavenger 16px Bulletstorm
16px Portable Saw
16px Extra Lead
Saw Massacre Saw Massacre
16px Fully Loaded
Engineer 16px Third Law 16px Sentry Targeting

16px Eco Sentry
16px Engineering
16px Jack Of All Trades
16px Tower Defense
Breacher 16px Hardware Expert 16px Combat Engineering
16px Drill Sawgeant
16px More Firepower
16px Kickstarter
16px Fire Trap
Oppressor 16px Steady Grip 16px Heavy Impact
16px Fire Control
16px Lock N' Load
16px Surefire
16px Body Expertise
Shinobi 16px Chameleon 16px Cleaner
16px Sixth Sense
16px Nimble
16px ECM Overdrive
16px ECM Specialist
Artful Dodger 16px Duck And Cover 16px Parkour
16px Inner Pockets
16px Dire Need
16px Shockproof
16px Sneaky Bastard
Silent Killer 16px Second Wind 16px Optical Illusions
16px The Professional
16px Low Blow
16px Specialized Killing
16px Unseen Strike
Gunslinger 16px Equilibrium 16px Gun Nut
16px Akimbo
16px One Handed Talent
16px Desperado
16px Trigger Happy
Revenant 16px Nine Lives 16px Running From Death
16px Up You Go
16px Swan Song
16px Feign Death
16px Messiah
Brawler 16px Martial Arts 16px Bloodthirst
16px Pumping Iron
16px Counterstrike
16px Berserker
16px Frenzy

Tier 6: 16px Hostage Taker 16px Pistol Messiah 16px Inspire
Tier 5: 16px Kilmer 16px Gunslinger 16px Partners In Crime
Tier 4: 16px Stockholm Syndrome 16px Combat Doctor 16px Joker
Tier 3: 16px Spotter 16px Equilibrium 16px Dominator
Tier 2: 16px Control Freak 16px Painkillers 16px Leadership
Tier 1: 16px Cable Guy 16px Combat Medic 16px Endurance
32px Mastermind
Tier 6: 16px Overkill 16px Man of Iron 16px Carbon Blade
Tier 5: 16px Hard Boiled 16px Fully Loaded 16px Portable Saw
Tier 4: 16px Shotgun CQB 16px Ammunition Specialist 16px Berserker
Tier 3: 16px Shotgun Impact 16px Stun Resistance 16px Tough Guy
Tier 2: 16px Die Hard 16px Underdog 16px Pumping Iron
Tier 1: 16px Oppressor 16px Bulletstorm 16px Transporter
32px Enforcer
Tier 6: 16px Sentry Tower Defense 16px Mag Plus 16px Bulletproof
Tier 5: 16px Sentry Combat Upgrade 16px Shaped Charge 16px Shockproof
Tier 4: 16px Sentry Targeting Package 16px Jack Of All Trades 16px Silent Breaching
Tier 3: 16px Sentry Gun 16px Tactical Mines 16px Drill Sawgeant
Tier 2: 16px Sharpshooter 16px Combat Engineer 16px Hardware Expert
Tier 1: 16px Rifleman 16px Demolition Man 16px Nerves of Steel
32px Technician
Tier 6: 16px Camera Loop 16px ECM Feedback 16px Moving Target
Tier 5: 16px Lockpicking Expert 16px ECM Overdrive 16px The Professional
Tier 4: 16px Nine Lives 16px ECM Specialist 16px Silent Killer
Tier 3: 16px Shinobi 16px Martial Arts 16px SMG Specialist
Tier 2: 16px Fast Hands 16px Chameleon 16px Cleaner
Tier 1: 16px Dead Presidents 16px Sprinter 16px Cat Burglar
32px Ghost
Tier 6: 16px Bullseye 16px Sneaky Bastard 16px Akimbo
Tier 5: 16px Trigger Happy 16px Low Blow 16px Counter-Strike
Tier 4: 16px Swan Song 16px Undertaker 16px Uppers
Tier 3: 16px Brother's Keeper 16px Winston Wolfe 16px Quick Fix
Tier 2: 16px Run And Gun 16px Sixth Sense 16px Duck And Cover
Tier 1: 16px Daredevil 16px Hidden Blade 16px Thick Skin
32px Fugitive


  • offers a skill calculator that is useful for planning out skill progression, and was endorsed by Overkill.[1] It also offers a beta version for planning skills with infamy levels. There is a version of it for the Android.
  • The full changes of the skills and introduction of perks in Update 39 can be read here.
  • Each skill tree is represented by one of the original heisters and the now-separate Houston; with Dallas as the Mastermind, Chains as the Enforcer, Wolf as the Technician, Houston as the Ghost, and Hoxton as the Fugitive.


  • As of the Crimefest Update 39, the skill tier bonuses have been removed from the game, being replaced by the Perk Decks system which works in a similar way, but opens up the player's access to beneficial bonuses as to encourage calculated character building, rather than spending points in trees just for the tier upgrade, such as the old Tier 3 Technician headshot, which is a perk in all perk trees. Most of the tier bonuses have been revised into Perks, but some are removed entirely.
  • With Update #100, money is no longer needed to "purchase" a skill perk and it was refunded to those who had invested in the older skill trees.



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